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    Your breast health

    What you need to know about being healthy. Learn how to perform breast self-examination, earlier detection methods, and risk factors of breast cancer.

    Treatment of breast cancer

    Stages of the disease, treatment options and symptoms you should be aware of.

    Types of breast cancer

    An overview of the types of breast cancer, and descriptions of each.

    Clinical trials

    Is participation in a clinical trial something you are considering? Discover the importance of clinical trials, how they work, what you need to know before you participate, how you can benefit, questions to ask your doctor, and how you can find a clinical trial that is right for you.

    Side effects

    Detailed descriptions of side effects of breast cancer treatment, including nausea, losing your hair, and lymphedema.

    Special interests

    African-Americans, men and lesbians have special concerns related to breast cancer.


    Advocacy news and information.

    News releases

    Access breast cancer news and announcements from Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization.

    Breast Cancer Articles

    • Chances of Developing Breast Cancer
    • Family History of Breast Cancer
    • Breast Cancer Gene Testing
    • Risk Factors Associated with Developing Breast Cancer
    • Diet and Nutrition
    • Facts About Breast Cancer
    • When to See a Doctor About a Breast Problem
    • Finding a Lump or Nipple Discharge
    • Fibrocystic Breasts and Cancer
    • Calcifications and Breast Cancer
    • Needle Biopsy or Aspiration
    • Needle Localization


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