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Body TLC Wonder Lift Breast & Derrier Enhancement


Wonderlift Breast and Derriere Enhancement at Body TLC



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The Wonderlift treatment uses a 3-step modality technique which include Vacuum Suction, Microcurrent Therapy and Low Level Light Therapy, each of these are scientifically proven to achieve a more lifted, toned and firm breast or derriere

How it works?

  1. Vacuum Suction

The Vacuum Suction element of the Wunderlift treatment manipulates the fat tissue which is the largest biological composition of the breast. The intense suction causes the pectoral muscles to contract; subsequently lifting and firming the skin in addition to providing the treatment area with shape. Vacuum Suction also increases blood circulation which in turn helps to eliminate toxins from the body through the Lymphatic System; activating the mammary glands and causing breast tissue to swell.

  1. Microcurrent Therapy

Micro Current Therapy is proven to encourage regeneration of nerves and soft tissue. The mitochondria, inside the cell, are stimulated by the Micro Current to increase production of ATP which is needed for growth and repair. With continued treatment, the Micro Current Therapy and subsequent increased ATP production firms and tones the treatment area.

  1. Low Level Light Therapy

Low Level Light Therapy is used to rejuvenate the skin with no downtime. The Diode emits a red light during treatment which stimulates the fibroblast cells within the skin; these cells produce more collagen which works to achieve a more even skin tone and firm appearance. LLT, unlike surgical lasers do not emit heat but instead create a photochemical reaction in compromised cells therefore the physiological chain reactions regenerate tissue in the treatment area.

Side Effects

The clinic claims that it’s a natural procedure and works without any side effects.

More information

Results will vary depending on the severity of the ptosis, age, skin condition, hormones and initial breast size. Wonderlift is a progressive accumulation result; clients achieve wonderful results with each treatment and results last longer the more treatments that each client undertakes.

The second treatment should commence 4 days after your initial treatment, the third treatment 6 days after that and so on.

Wonderlift states that with regular treatment you can achieve up to a year between ‘top ups’.


Create a more lifted appearance post pregnancy & breast feeding

Achieve a more even shape & size

Assists with gender reassignment journeys

Reverse the natural ageing process


Wonderlift uses the ancient art of Chinese Cupping alongside years of research to the UK’s most innovative, pain free, non-surgical breast enhancement. WonderLift® utilises the body’s natural immune system and  the lymphatic drainage network, to increase blood circulation, eliminate toxins and increase ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) cellular energy. WonderLift® is a great way to avoid surgical procedures when looking to enhance, lift and firm the bust or buttock areas with no downtime, no pain and instant results.

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