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Bovine Ovary Pills for breast enhancement

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Bountiful Breast has one of the most successful claims and testimonials with before & after pictures of everyday real girls/ladies, compared to other breast enlargement competitors. There are various positive reports, complaints, and feedback from the users of this product. The solution seems to work for a whole lot of people.


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Bovine Ovary is nothing but the cow’s ovaries! Bovine Ovary pills are specially made from well prepared and frozen dried ovaries taken from a cow.

If this sounds alien to you, not to worry; you are not alone in this. There is a good reason for why this works.

Bovine Ovary is a kind of glandular therapy. A Glandular therapy is a kind of process that started back in old times when the Greeks & Egyptians found out that merely by eating the glands of some animals the body can facilitate the work of the corresponding organs inside themselves.

How it works?

Bovine Ovary works by inducing the pituitary gland. It is the body’s most important hormone regulator, and when it is cheered up, you activate your body’s growth cells and hormones.

Glandular therapy enables your body to add essential enzymes which are critical for your body functions in the safest ways possible.

It just means that the glands of the cow will blend to your body and act as the replacement that your body requires in order to boost or awaken the tissues & cells needed for breast and butt increment.

One sure thing about bovine ovaries is the fact that it does not only increase your breast. As we have said earlier, it perks up your cells and hormones to bring out a kind of second puberty. It implies that your butt will increase too. Before trying to increase your breast size, you should also be aware of teardrop and round breasts.

Side Effects

Even after taking care of all precautions, there are some side effects of the bovine ovary which are mentioned as follows:

Increased hair growth

This is usually not a bad side effect as no one will mind an increase in the hair unless on unwanted areas

Change in Menstrual cycle

Different women who used bovine ovary have reported that they have lighter and heavier periods. In such cases, if any of the customers start experiencing heavy periods or severe cramping, then it is highly recommended that the customer should stop taking bovine ovary and consult the doctor as soon as possible. You may want to reduce the dosage later on after consultation with the doctor.

Allergic Reaction

If there is an allergic reaction to taking the bovine ovary pills, then you should stop taking the pills at once and contact your physician.

Frequent Headaches

When you start taking the bovine ovary pills, you will experience enhanced growth of the hormones and your body might take some time in getting adjusted to this increase. If you experience frequent headaches, then it is recommended that you consult a doctor and follow his advice. You might want to stop taking the pills for some time and when you don’t feel any a headache anymore, you can continue taking the pills.

Weight Gain

If you want to make the most out of the bovine ovary therapy, then you need to consume sufficient proteins too along with the bovine ovary pills. While this will work great for enhancing your breasts, it will also increase the consumption of protein shakes due to which the other parts of the body where you might not want growth may also gain weight.


Consuming bovine ovary is like re-creating the puberty phase for the second time and stimulating the growth hormones. While it might provide you with improvement in the underdeveloped breasts, but the teenage acne might come straight back which is highly undesirable.


Each capsule of Swanson Ovarian Glandular contains 250 mg of ovarian tissue from a bovine source, which is frozen when raw to preserve active components then desiccated (dried), powdered, defatted and tested at GMP laboratories.

More information

  • One bottle of bountiful breasts contains ninety pills that are meant to be used over one and a half month, two capsules daily.
  • You digest one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach and chill for one hour before consuming any food at all.
  • You are expected to take another pill on an empty stomach suitably before sleep time.
  • The maker’s pieces of advice that the users necessarily need not be on a strict diet to achieve the best results.
  • Pregnant, ladies that are still breastfeeding, or anybody with existing medical conditions must avoid consuming the pill unless the doctor has given a go ahead.


  • Raw ovarian glandular supplements have been used traditionally to support women throughout the maturity process.
  • ovarian glandular supplements deliver “like for like” nourishment to the female endocrine glands since they are sourced from raw, frozen bovine ovarian tissue.’
  • The natural active ingredients of Voluplus and Volufiline that act on your bodies fat cells to plump, tighten and firm can help diminish the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and blemishes for smoother, healthier-looking skin.


When it comes to using pills for your breast enhancement, make sure to do enough research and select only natural & filler free ingredients only. However, I would suggest using the natural breast enhancement ways to shape your busts without any side effects.

8 reviews for Bovine Ovary Pills for breast enhancement

  1. Natalie

    doubled up on taking supplements… take them every 6 hours… noticed more sensitivity in breast area and some development… along with when excited its much more exhilarating in climax.. I am pumping so it may be both but do feel the effects…. wetter than I have ever been not needing lube..totally enjoying effects and will keep ordering as long as available.. if sight of not available will stockpile… 🙂

  2. Natasha

    nothing at all, please do not buy this product if you are transgendered or looking for breast growth

  3. Isabella

    I have been taking them for about a month or so and I have noticed some changes in behavior and emotions. My skin is getting softer and my body hair is not growing back as fast. I also feel my chest growing I alittle. Gunna still take them and see what happens is the future.

  4. Dolce

    I do hope it’s ‘ new me ‘ like the label said.. All I want is some breast and ass …lol I have took two in the morning and one at night so I’m praying it works for me .. I’m 58 years young ..oh yes I almost forgot to say I’m pumping my little ladys too I was a small”a-cup”before now sence this morning I’m a “b-cup”and I’m in love with this item.. It’s only been 2 hours sence I have took the two pills … I love it I’m going to have TITS… The “NEW ME”works and I’m only on day 3 b cups going to c cups yes I love the pills I’m going to order more…..Ty

  5. Paige

    Its only been three weeks but The product seems to be working. They feel more sensitive also.

  6. Paige

    It takes time to work… Other than that breasts came in within 3 weeks

  7. Diamond

    Does exactly what it claims to do for transitioning mtf, so far taking 2 in am and 2 pills pm and just started a month ago, already see some growth going from flat to small bumps or tanner stage 1. Seems to be making my nipples tender and breasts sore. I have noticed my butt is more shapely and nails got longer quicker and don’t break as easy.

  8. Bella

    I am male and wanted to become more feminine. So, I’m trying this. So, far, so good. Legs are hairless now, softer skin. All hair on my body is slowly stopping to grow, with nice feminine skin on arms, and body. Waiting to see if I develop breasts.

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