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Breast Success works by stimulating the growth of breast tissue while firming and tightening the breast area. Our formula has thirteen unique herbs. Our formula contains no synthetic compounds, artificial additives, lubricants or fillers making Breast Success a safe and effective alternative to expensive and dangerous surgery.



Editor’s note:- After analysis of several products in the market, we recommend Total Curve for breast enhancement. It comes with a two way system- daily pills supplement and a firming/lifting gel with volufiline. Check out full list of Best breast enlargement products.


Breast Success is a blend of herbal ingredients and L-Tyrosine delivered in a capsule. Breast Success’s herbal blend contains a large concentration of phytoestrogenic compounds, more or less similar to the other products in this category. Breast Success also contains Wild Yam, which contains a high concentration of hormone precursors.

How it works?

It composed of fatty cells; the size basically comes from how much fat is stored there, which is determined by several factors, including:

  • Genetics
  • Weight
  • Health
  • Age
  • Nutrition

During puberty, breasts need these cells to be properly stimulated for full growth and bigger size. This product pretty much has the same mechanism of action as that with the bust growth pills. It permeates through skin, stimulates fatty cells and replicates the natural growth process similar to what might be experienced during puberty or pregnancy. Just like pills, these creams normally bring these results by using phytoestrogen to mimic the function of naturally occurring estrogen hormone in the female body. Phytoestrogens are special compounds derived from plants and have been linked to increased the size of your breast as well as other beneficial effects, such as increased libido and improved digestion.

Side Effects

Black Cohosh has recently been implicated in cases of hepatitis, although at this time, it isn’t clear whether black cohosh is actually responsible for the disease. We recommend consulting your doctor if you have known liver issues or before combining Breast Success with any herbs or medications that might have a negative impact on the liver.


A complete list of ingredients was not available on the Breast Success website. Breast Success ingredients include: fenugreek seed extract, saw palmetto berry, fennel seed, l-tyrosine, mexican wild yam root, pacific kelp, damiana leaf, dong quai root, mother’s wort herb, black cohosh root extract, oat grass, blessed thistle herb, hops flower.

More information

The all-natural breast enhancement gradually helps augments the size and shape of your breasts using a formula that promotes a healthy transformation. With Breast Success™ breast enhancement, adding inches to your bust is now a less expensive alternative to costly surgery. See beautiful results with Breast Success™ in as little as a few weeks. Breast Success™ offers a non-surgical solution to attaining fuller, firmer breasts with the help of a balanced combination of safe, all-natural ingredients.

Breast Success™ does not increase your overall body weight, or cause you to gain additional weight associated with a lot of herbal formulas on the market.

Breast Success™ enhancement cream and pills were designed and formulated by a physician to offer “another choice” to those seeking to enhance their natural beauty with breast enlargement and firming.


The Breast Success Firming and Lifting


Breast Success™ contains selected natural herbs that have natural estrogenic properties from plant sources called “phytoestrogens”. These natural estrogenic compounds help to promote the growth of healthy breast tissue, along with Breast Success Cream™ which also contains ingredients like Volufiline that help to add volume to the breasts and make them bigger, firmer and beautiful. The phyto-nutrients contained in Breast Success™ have many additional health benefits such as calming of hormonal swings associated with PMS and menopause. Breast Success™ introduces our exclusive formulas that is the perfect marriage of traditional herbal remedies and the latest advances in modern science.


7 reviews for Breast Success cream

  1. Angel

    I used the cream and the pills together for several months and didn’t notice enough of a difference to continue using them.

  2. Buffy

    using with bovine ovary and in just a month gained an inch love it

  3. Molly

    Started seeing a difference in about 2 weeks but had to use the pills to see it. I have grown a whole cup size and plan on going for 2 more sizes. I love my breast now.

  4. Jamie

    I used 3 jars, nothing happened, not even give any firmness to my breast. Very dis-pointed! And you can’t get your money back after so many days. Which is a real let down.

  5. Julie

    It really works, at least it has with me. You have to continue to apply over a period of time to get lasting results. Also in order for it to work properly you must clean your breast before you put on another application. I used a skin cleanser or alcohol wipes

  6. Brooke

    i kept it in my bedrm drawer and it like disappeared evaporated because i had no instructions . i applied in mornings and discovered well this is disappearing really fast . and i did not see no difference in my brteast size.i would not recomend this product to anyone .unless you send them instructions.

  7. Morgan

    It smells good and you can use it on your buttock area. i havenot seen any results as of yet.

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