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Clarins Breast Firming Cream/Gel

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Clarins’ Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel is a bestselling breast firming gel designed to support, lift and tighten the bust.



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Support your breasts with thisClarins be cream! Get them back into great, young-looking shape with an effective night-time treatment formulated with Vu Sua and Bocoa extracts—two ingredients that form an invisible “natural bra” that instantly help restore firmness and tone to the bust area.

How it works?

This refreshing bust gel delivers an immediate “lift”- visibly improving the shape of the bust area. Collagen-boosting Vu Sua extract helps strengthen, firm, and tone. The bust firming gel ensures your bust is smooth by tightening skin and fighting lines. A body care product whose results improve with continued use. Oat Sugars create an invisible “natural bra,” helping breasts appear higher on the bust line and hold a more defined shape. Apply the bust firming gel each morning for an immediate tightening effect from base of breasts to chin. Ensures your breasts and neck stay fresh and young!

Side Effects

Clarins be cream is a mixture of 100% organic products that work together without any side effects.


  • Katafray: The Katafray is a tree found across Madagascar, and its elegant silhouette is a common sight in the arid forests of the south and west of the Grande Ile. Its light-coloured wood is as resistant as ebony and widely used in local buildings. In traditional Madagascan medicine, a drink prepared from the bark is reputed to have tonic and febrifuge benefits and its essential oil is known for its fortifying and soothing actions.
  • Oat: Used for centuries for food and by herbalists, oat has become extremely popular since research revealed its high content of vitamins and minerals. In cosmetics, oat helps to moisturize and soften the skin, while the sugars from the grain have extreme firming powers for an immediate smoothing effect.
  • Caimito (vu sua): Originally from the West Indies, the Caimito fruit tree can now be found throughout many tropical regions. This beautiful, tall tree with green and bronze leaves and fruit that resembles large, perfectly round apples, is often used for decorative purposes. Caimito fruit has a pulp that produces sweet, white milk, the inspiration for its local name of “pomme de lait” in the West Indies and “mother’s milk” (vu sua) in Vietnam.

More information

Velvety formula with Clarins’ exclusive VoluformⓇ. Enhances the appearance of bust volume at the “natural bra” area to promote a more shapely breast silhouette. Organic quince extract helps replenish and visibly firm. Vu sua extract helps tone, smooth and maintain a full, bust effect.


  • Tightens and smooths the supportive ligaments of the bust from the bottom of the breasts to the chin.
  • Tones and prevents the skin from sagging.
  • Hydrates and softens the skin.
  • Restores density and firmness.
  • Nourishes and leaves the skin satiny soft, smooths and tightens up the skin’s texture.


Clarins’ Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel is a very popular product among pregnant mothers. It is one of our best-selling bust treatment products that’s designed to deliver a quick lift by visibly enhancing the shape of the bust. Packed with collagen-boosting Vu Sua and Oat Sugars, this bust care product firms up your bust area by tightening slacking skin and combating fine lines. Oat Sugars help to form an invisible “natural bra,” so your breasts appear more defined.

7 reviews for Clarins Breast Firming Cream/Gel

  1. Toi

    I like product but they are too expensive and size of product has shrunken. Sample gift is of no use as they are too small to try them properly before you can make up your mind. Not sure if it was good idea to buy from Clarins. I will explore some other good brand

  2. Danielle

    Easily absorbed by the skin. Skin feels nourished but not entirely sure about the shaping and firming

  3. Morgan

    Courtney at Clarins Boots Bluewater today was absolutely outstanding!! She could not have been more helpful and her makeup skills were fantastic. She made my 70yr old Auntie look and feel amazing. Thank you so much 😊

  4. Amy

    Didn’t notice any difference so expensive for what is basically a body lotion

  5. Destiny

    i bought it as a gift for my sister. so i don’t really use them. at least, its in a good amount

  6. Nicole

    Very good product, it actually works! Well worth the cost.

  7. Amber

    wonderfully packaged and it does what it says .

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