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Ellax Breast Enhancer vaccuum suction cups system

(6 customer reviews)


ELLAX Natural Breast Enlargement / larger breast Breast Enhancer Pumps imparts all the best attributes with an amazing discount price of 2644.1676$ which is a deal. It holds countless elements including Female, Natural, Health Care and gender.



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The best way to enhance breast, great and little breasts a fortune or wasn’t easy you’re amazing thanks to ellax!. about expensive and dangerous treatments. of all ages over the world easy to use, extremely provides results of Just the instructions on our get the of adapt the on Get the of the gun pulling “trigger” or Your breast in a tridimensional into and shape.

How it works?

The breast pump is to exercise your breast tissue and increase the blood flow. It will enhance your breast to a firmer and fuller size when you use 15 to 30 minutes a day.

More information

  • Place and adapt the cup hermetically on your breast.
  • Get the air out of the cup with the suction gun by pulling the “trigger” two or three times.
  • Your breast will grow in a tridimensional way into a bigger, beautiful and sexy shape.
  • Repeat steps 1) and 2) with your other breast.
  • Grab a book, your smartphone or TV´s´remote control and relax for five to ten minutes.
  • 6 Pull the pink tap in each cup to let the air inside and… you are done!


  • Easy to use
  • You can grow up to 2 sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Guaranteed results


Forget about expensive  and dangerous surgeries, pills and other uneffective cream treatments. Thousands of women all ages and all over the world are enjoying  awesome results.

6 reviews for Ellax Breast Enhancer vaccuum suction cups system

  1. TS Madison

    The rubber gasket thingy on the edges seems to roll up every time I start pumping, I had to use lots of lotion/cream. It does work tho, I took the rubber things off and pumped just enough not to cut into my skin, Only thing tho is they leave rings around my breast. My breast do look bigger and firmer, My cup size went from C to D.

  2. Tatum

    good product but it is very small in size

  3. Mimi

    Cups are oversized and don’t seal well on a small chest. Wasn’t looking to go to a 44D. Suction seal breaks with any slight movement. Hand pump broke during second use, must cycle manually now as spring is not returning handle

  4. Keesha

    To initial start position. Cups are definitely durable, about the only part that is. Not worth returning! Return shipping label not accepted at post office, then the restocking fee. Trashed as it should be.

  5. KC

    This is the worst dam product ever ! The pump doesn’t work at all, the suction cups do not grip , not to mention ; tube that is suppose to connect to the pump does not connect. It’s a waste of money, and if you try to get a refund on it ….., it will be pure hell !

  6. Michelly

    Too big

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