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Lychee Women Suction Cupping Breast Firming Pump

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Lychee Vacuum Suction Cupping Breast and; Buttocks Body Firming Treatment.

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Through various stimulations of the nipple, Iccq women’s electric breast pump can stimulate the nipple from the inside out and stimulates a series of chain reactions.Each cell in the body is stimulated so that the breast gets a full physical massage. The lymph is continuously permeated and the blood flow is accelerated.The blood is sent back to the tissue and the breast regeneration function is activated so as to achieve the effect of long-lasting breast enhancement.

How it works?

By sucking your skin to stimulate deep, helping smooth over pockets of loose or dimpled skin making your skin tight, firm and young looking.

Side Effects


More information

  • Firstly, Wearing a breast cup so that there is no gap between
  • the sealing gasket and the skin of the breast.
  • Turning on the button so that the cup can hold the breasts
  • tightly (suction strength can control their own), and keeping 10
  • to 15 minutes
  • (do not suck deflate it,then breathe again,it is not only no
  • effect but also will be easy to damage the controller).
  • At period of the adsorption,the exhaust valve can be
  • deflated,Exhaust can be discharged in half without completely
  • draining,and then suck again, back and forth to do 10 minutes for
  • a cycle, please repeat it two or three times.
  • Then massaging the chest for 5 to 10 minutes by hands.(that is
  • a very important step, if the effect is not obvious, it can also
  • correct the situation of partial recovery of suction).
  • Quantity and number of times can be adjusted according to your
  • own situation, the best day to do in the morning and once a
  • night, it’s better to do that every night!


Remarkably effective for skin firming and toning, inch loss, stretch marks and cellulite. Enjoy in the shower or with BOOST Cellulite Massage Cupping Oil.


Despite any information provided by the seller, this product is not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease. It is not a dietary.

7 reviews for Lychee Women Suction Cupping Breast Firming Pump

  1. Cindy

    Save your money. I don’t believe they work as discribed.

  2. Roxy Fox

    DON’T GET This if your using it for ur ass it’s for breast only the cups are smaller than depicted

  3. Cleo

    The silicone cup liners come off with the slightest movement when it’s under vacuum, the cups themselves are thin and poorly crafted. While the check valve is great at maintaining the suction, once the silicone edge slides out, it’s pretty painful.

  4. Gisela

    I opened the box and it came damaged so it is just laying there collecting dust . Didn’t have time btw traveling and work schedules to return.

  5. Amani

    This girl just loves it. It feels good when I use it. Thanks, DJW

  6. Abby

    So this thing is amazing. It didnt come broken or not did it break when pumping. I’ve used it for 3days now and really love it. The knob at the tip of the cup I really sensitive, like any touch to it can deflate some air but I only happens to me when I’m trying to take the cord off. But I’d still give it 5stars.. $20, came fast and really does work. People complaining about the rum silicon part coming off but it hasn’t happened to me. I see what they’re saying cause it could come off but just crazy glue it on there. People complain for anything.

  7. Amber

    Great product and great service. Wife loves it.

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