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Perfect C CURVES Breast Enhancer pills

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Thanks to years of research by a team of British chemists and pharmacists into herbal medicine, there now exists a safe, natural and potent formula proven to dramatically increase the size of a woman’s bust, with no negative side effects!


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Perfect C is a safe, low cost, practical and completely natural herbal breast enhancer, developed to increase breast firmness and size. It contains 16 ingredients of the highest quality in quantities which will ensure optimum consistent results. The product does not contain any synthetic compounds, artificial additives or fillers. Perfect C Natural Breast Enhancer for permanent results, with no adverse side effects. It’s a non-surgical solution to help you achieve the breast size you want naturally. it is manufactured in the UK in compliance with strict UK and European regulations.

How it works?

The carefully selected botanicals (phyto-oestrogens) naturally contain oestrogen properties. When consumed the oestrogen receptor sites that are contained in a woman’s breast are stimulated to promote the growth of healthy new breast tissue.

The capsules themselves do not contain oestrogen or hormones but encourage the natural activity of hormonal production. Which stimulates the development of new breast tissue, safely.

The capsules will cause the breasts first of all to become fuller, firmer and then larger. They may also calm hormonal swings and substantially reduce monthly menstrual discomfort.

Disclaimer: Supplement results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. With over a 10 year track record and lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your result.

Side Effects

There have been no adverse side effects reported to date, As associated with similar products


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More information

  • Increase up to Three Full Cup Sizes
  • No Negative Side Effects
  • Puts You in Control of Your Body
  • Better Still
  • Regain the attention you deserve
  • Fill-out swimsuits and bras
  • Your Self Confidence will Soar


Benefits which have been found are fuller lips, and stronger hair and nail growth

Many women also report an increase in sexual desire

in the market, reports of acne outbreaks or weight gain have never been reported

Perfect C Breast Enhancer Is A Safe, Easy To Use, Painless, Non-Surgical Solution With Noticeable Results!


The quality of our product makes us different from other products available on the market. The formula for Perfect C is based on years of herbal research and has been successfully proven to be effective. Perfect C breast enhancer now has 16 natural plant extract ingredients. Best Results are over a 6 month period.

8 reviews for Perfect C CURVES Breast Enhancer pills

  1. Amber

    After one month of use, I can see a little difference, my breasts are definitely looking fuller. I keep taking them everyday and I hope for a better results. If anything changes, I will update here.

  2. Lora

    I started using this wonderful tablet. I noticed some changes with my breast but will update after 3 months if it really worked.

  3. Lilly

    I’ve used this product 3 times in the past 10yrs when I’ve been on a weight loss programme. I have found they’re great at firming up the breast/skin during weight loss, especially if combined with a collagen increase (supplement, bone broth etc).

    Four stars because they have become ridiculously expensive, but in a now flooded market I suppose they can charge this because they work….?

  4. Cindy

    I took two pills a day and I did see that the girls were fuller and evenly portioned . I did not gain a cup size per-say but they looked better in my bra. However, I ran out of the pills and while I was contemplating buying another round for about a week (because they’re so expensive and contain black cohosh)… the girls reverted back. A months progress gone in a week… sigh. I’m not buying the product again and I wouldn’t recommend it either.

  5. Roxy Fox

    Love love love this darn product. I’ve been taking it for probably exactly a week now but I take two a day exactly 24 hrs btwn each, only because when i leave to work in the morning I take them. They;re more perky and round aand a lil bigger. Yeah its true, it might take a while for most people and take not long for a few, you just have to have patients. I like this product. It’s not a BS product, But I only gave it four stars because I want to see if the result last. I’m going to by another bottle after this and take a break and see what happens.

  6. Cleo

    So i’ve been taking this stuff for 2 months now and my chest has doubled in size. ive always been a double a so you can imagine how excited i am!! i drink alot of coffee so i think that has slowed it down for me. but i havent noticed any weight gain. it cleared up my acne, not completely, but definitely like 90%. the only sexual enhancement that ive noticed is the urge to play with my new teetas and it definitely didn’t help my pms. i thought this stuff was a scam too but im glad i tried it. also, for everyone who says it doesn’t work, keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different. from what ive gathered on the ingredients in these pills, they act as hormones in your body so someone who has some sort of hormone imbalance is going to benefit more than someone who does not. chances are, if youre a c, you probably are doing pretty good in the hormone department and don’t need more. Good luck everyone!!

  7. Gisela

    I have to say, I was very skeptical that some magic pill was going to increase my breast size. Most of the females in my family have gotten boob jobs, but I just didn’t want to go that route. I am 26 years old, 120 lbs and I was barely in a 34B. After using this product for almost a month, my breasts have gotten much more firm and fuller. I can barely fit into my old bras! I have also had two children, and breasfed both so my breasts had drooped quite a bit, but since they’re more firm and more full now, you can’t even tell I breasfed! I haven’t noticed any changes to my skin, but my sex drive has definitely increased. I originally only ordered the one bottle to test, but I am fully satisfied and have recently ordered three more bottles.

  8. Amani

    I don’t know what possessed my mind when I decided to bought this. I was thinking whether to buy it or not for almost 2/3 weeks and finally bought it. Then when I bought it, I decided not to use it. I just think it’ll not work. Lots of the top reviewers don’t seem legit. If you check their shopping history.. There’re only one or two items in there. It’s like they’ve been hired to write those beautifully written reviews. I’ve seen almost all the 5/4/3/2/1 stars reviews and I can tell you know, who’s real and who’s hired. I think this’ll not work so yeah.. I Gave this a 5 stars just so that people’ll see. I didn’t return it cause I was traveling overseas for 2 months. I’m 16 y.o and that’s one of the factor why I decided not to use it. I’m too young?

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