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Petansy Breast Enlargement Cream


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Petansy breast enlargement cream contains pure plant extracts that are not irritating to the skin. It can tighten the skin, clear the breast duct, give enough nutrients, improve the color of the double peaks, make the chest full and full, improve the softness, restore the straightness, and create a full and attractive breast.

How it works?

The active ingredients in the cream accelerate cell activation in the breast, mammary glands, and the surrounding tissues, making the breasts fuller and firmer.

During the first two days of usage, the cream penetrates the breast. After a week, it starts activating the cells during which the users feel slight swelling pain. From the 20th day, the growth stage would begin when the busts experience growth and firmness.

Side Effects

Petansy breast enlargement cream contains pure plant extracts that are not irritating to the skin and cause no side effects.



More information

Manufacturer’s Directions To Use

  • Take the breast cream into your palm and apply it around the nipple and areola area.
  • Gently massage the cream from the armpit around the breast in a circular motion.
  • Continue massaging the breasts using the techniques mentioned on the product. The massage helps strengthen the breast tissues and promote growth.
  • During the first week, use the product twice a day preferably post-shower. Later you can use it once a day. After a month of continuous usage and measurable breast enhancement, continue using it three to five times a week.


  • Plant-based formula hence safe to use.
  • Suitable on all skin types.
  • Visible results in 30 days.


Based on plant formula, the Petansy breast enlargement cream claims to increase the breast size in just a few days. It also makes saggy breasts firm and flabby ones tight.


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