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Bust Boost Victoria’s Secret Breast Cream for cleavage, enlargement, firming & plumping

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Editor’s note:- After analysis of several products in the market, we recommend Total Curve for breast enhancement. It comes with a two way system- daily pills supplement and a firming/lifting gel with volufiline. Check out full list of Best breast enlargement products.


Victoria’s Secret Bust Boost Cleavage Plumping Cream ultra-hydrating, soft-focus cream creates the cleavage you crave. Marine Collagen Microspheres and light-diffusing pearls create a plumped look. Curves are visibly enhanced. Skin instantly looks softer and more even in tone. You feel 100% sexier, guaranteed.

How it works?

Active nutrient components of natural plants;Promote breast blood circulation and activate breast fat tissue.(with massage) a variety of nutrients are absorbed quickly by the breast, and promote the synthesis of new breast cells, and promote breast enlargement.

Side Effects

No side effects reported till date


Coconut Oil

Cocoa Butter

Marine Collagen Microspheres

More information

For Bombshell results, apply liberally from boobs to neck twice a day, every day.


We’ll put it this way: If there were ever a brand we’d entrust with the perkiness of our décolletage and cleavage, it would likely be, first and foremost, Victoria’s Secret. Equipped with “marine collagen microspheres” and “light-diffusing pearls,” this blurring cream effortlessly smooths, nourishes, and, yes, subtly plumps the skin wherever you choose to apply it. I’ve been using it pre-drinks the past few weeks and am convinced it actually does the trick for a slightly “tauter” appearance.


VICTORIA’S SECRET Booty Lift Butt-Enhancing Cream. Fast-absorbing moisturizing cream for bottom up. Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter hydrate to give skin a healthy-looking glow. Marine Collagen Microspheres help create a plumped look. Feel 100% more sexier. Part of our Bombshell Body Collection

8 reviews for Bust Boost Victoria’s Secret Breast Cream for cleavage, enlargement, firming & plumping

  1. Natalie

    It works immediately but does wear down over time. You would have to reapply frequently throughout the day to get the results you want!! It’s a little pricey though.

  2. Natasha

    I really like the feel and texture of this cream and it smells amazing! I can’t honestly say it does a drastic job of lifting but it smooths out the skin.

  3. Isabella

    This cream is thick and moisturizing but it’s just really just heavily scented body butter and if you want something to actually do something for your butt, this is probably not the product for you.

  4. Dolce

    I didn’t use very often so I don’t think there is a big difference in terms of lifting the butt, but it does a good job softening the skin and cellulite lines.

  5. Paige

    The scent is so good though! I recommend it 👍🏻

  6. Paige

    This product is all I can ever ask for in regards to butt lifting creams. I have been using it for a year now and all I can say is that it works wonders! Although it won’t dramatically show right away, with constant use you will start noticing a difference. My butt has maintained a nice lift and bounce to it, have in mind I don’t do any squats.

  7. Diamond

    The cream itself has a nice scent to it nothing harsh at all. So I would definitely recommend!

  8. Bella

    I purchased this product a few months ago. I figured it would not hurt to give it a try for the decent price. For the amount of cream for the price I think it’s an amazing value. I do feel a difference when I use this product. It also smells great and it super smooth.

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