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In addition to providing all the standard features that Spectra’s been recognized for in the past including its true closed system, soothing night light, and unique natural nursing technology; the S3 Pro is a multiuser pump and is hospital grade. The S3 Pro can be utilized safely and effectively in high-usage settings, including hospitals, birth centres, rental programs, and beyond.

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The Spectra pump S3 Pro was intentionally engineered to provide the convenience and familiarity all Spectra branded pumps have become known for; ensuring a seamless transition from the Spectra pump S3 Pro to a Spectra single-user pump, should a mom want to purchase one once discharged from the hospital or completing a rental program.

How it works?

On the front of the pump, you’ll see the following buttons and controls, along with a digital screen:

  • Power button: Turns the pump on and off
  • Cycle Buttons (+/-): These increase/decrease the cycle speed. Cycle speed refers to how many times the pump sucks and releases per minute.
  • Vacuum Buttons (+/-): These increase/decrease the vacuum strength. Vacuum level refers to the suction strength, or how strongly the pump will suck.
  • Massage/Expression Button: Switches between massage and expression mode. (Some moms affectionately refer to massage mode as “bacon mode” due to the three wavy lines resembling bacon.) Massage mode mimics the quick gentle suckling of a baby to initiate a letdown. Expression mode mimics slow, deep suckling once milk flow has begun.
  • Night light: Turns light on and off (2 levels)

More information

Pump parts don’t last forever; over time, the level of suction from your pump may be reduced as they wear out. They can get stretched and torn, and residue can build up on them.

This is especially true for exclusive pumpers because our pumps endure a lot of use. It is recommended to replace your pump parts using the following time frames:

  • Flanges: Every 6 months.
  • Duckbill Valve: Once a month if you pump 3 or more times per day; every 2-3 months if you pump less than 3 times a day.
  • Backflow Protectors: Every 3 months if you pump 3 or more times a day; every 6 months if you pump less than 3 times a day.
  • Tubing: If the tubing gets moisture on the inside.


  • Hospital grade suction combined with Natural Nursing Technology for optimal results & comfort
  • Rechargeable battery and 3 year pump warranty
  • Capable of providing vacuum levels from 0-270 mmHg
  • Cycling rates up to 70 cycles per minute
  • Single or double pump capability
  • Vacuum suction up to L12


For being one of the more affordable breast pumps on the market, the S2 offers moms peace of mind when it comes to hygiene.

The quiet pumping experience will be appreciated by moms in the workplace or moms who simply are looking to make the pumping process feel a little less mechanical.

7 reviews for Spectra Electric Breast Pump

  1. Casey

    While this was my first child and knew I wanted to exclusively bf I did my homework based on what pumps my ins covered. I’ve been using my Spectra 2 since Oct 2018 when my son was born, 5 months later I have the suction level all the way up and after 20 minutes I’m getting a tablespoon of milk compared to the 2 to 4oz I was getting. I’m a working momma so I pump frequently. I changed out all the pieces with new ones, made sure everything was clean still barely any suction. I had to go to Target and get the only one they had a Spectra 1 (luckily they had pumps) and spent $230.

  2. Meagan

    No customer service follow up if product quits on you. My breast pump no longer works after just three months and I call Spectra but they don’t answer calls or email. I rely on this pump to feed my baby and pain $250 of my own cash on it and no insurance. They don’t honor their warranty and it stopped working in less than 3 months!

  3. Meghan

    I am not a huge reviewer of products… but this pump has been a complete game changer for me! My son is 5 months old and I went back to working full time when he was 7 weeks old. He is exclusively breastfed & I pump 3 times while I am away from him at work. I was previously using the Medela Pump In Style and I always felt like I couldn’t get my settings or accessories right. I dreaded pumping & the pain. My nipples were constantly scabbed over which, at 5 months, I wouldn’t think would be an issue anymore I went through several flanges trying to find the right fit but I think what ultimately kept me from being successful was the painful suction from the Medela. I ordered the Spectra S2 last weekend & in just one week, I have seen an increase in my supply while pumping. I used to bring home 10-11 oz per day from work and I have been bringing home 12-15 oz. This pump is SO much more comfortable. I was able to purchase all of the necessary accessories to keep using my Medela bottles and the flanges that I already had. If you are thinking about this purchase, make the move! Especially if you are planning to pump long term. I was debating weaning at 6 months but this pump has instilled a new life in me to keep moving closer to the 1 year mark!

  4. Melissa

    I was formerly a Medela pumper (like most people), but wanted to see if there was something better. Turns out, the Spectra S2 is fantastic! It’s so quiet and sounds like a little drum roll rather than a super loud “WEE-OO! WEE-OO!” There are more parts, but the additional parts seem to do a great job keeping the milk from going back into the tubing. And you can clean the tubing – fantastic. I didn’t really get the importance of the little light on it – but I use it almost constantly – and I LOVE the built-in timer.

    Many women I’ve heard go from pumping a scant amount to a ton with this thing. While that hasn’t been my experience, I certainly can say that it works to pump a good amount. And it’s pretty comfortable for the power pumping sessions I do every day. The machine is larger than the Medela, but not prohibitively so. Parts are easy to clean. It’s relatively comfortable. I would hands-down recommend it to any pumping mom.

    Pro Tip: to save time, I pump during my drive in to work. I purchased a little car-adapter that lets me plug this pump in, use my pumping bra, and I throw a scarf over myself. It’s a life saver, though slightly embarrassing.

  5. Melione

    I have been using an Ameda pump rented from the hospital for 5 months to exclusively pump for my preemie twins. I felt like i needed a hospital grade pump to keep up with feeding two babies. I finally decided to start using my insurance provided Medela PISA to see if i could maintain the same production and it was complete torture. So much pain and so little production. Well after about 2 days I was miserable and had too many plug ducts to count, verging on getting mastitis at any moment and hand expression was my only relief. Out of pure desperation I decided to buy another pump and landed on the Spectra S2 after reading all of the positive reviews. It was here in just 2 days with my PRIME membership. I am just plain giddy over this pump. It is absolutely amazing. It used to take me 25 minutes to produce 10oz between both breasts with the hospital pump and the S2 took only 15min. I get ONE whole precious hour back in my day because of this pump!! Its quiet and comfortable. I had no idea pumping could be an enjoyable experience until i tried this pump. Worth every single penny without a doubt! This was an answer to my twin mommy prayers and a complete life saver.

  6. Jessica

    I’ve tried them all and can honestly say this pump is phenomenal! Suction is consistent and variable. First time I used this I got 9oz from each breast (never managed more than 3oz before). I’ve just found it packed away with baby bits (I used it until my baby was 2 then stopped pumping). Seeing it makes me all sorts of nostalgic and emotional haha BUY IT!

  7. Miley

    I’ve tried them all and can honestly say this pump is phenomenal! Suction is consistent and variable. First time I used this I got 9oz from each breast (never managed more than 3oz before). I’ve just found it packed away with baby bits (I used it until my baby was 2 then stopped pumping). Seeing it makes me all sorts of nostalgic and emotional haha BUY IT!

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